Hi, I´m  Dania Corrales, a sport enthusiast girl from Cuba. As I came to Germany, for over eleven years now, I started giving salsa classes and organizing dances as choreograph, dancer and also worked as a fitness coach.

In January 2010, during a journey through the USA, I had the pleasure to become acquainted with Alberto “Beto” Perez the creator of Zumba®.  I had the opportunity to get lessons with Beto at DAF Studio. I was impressed by Beto´s creativity and the way Zumba® makes you feel.

At that point I decided that Zumba® was the only thing I wanted to do from there on. I came to the decision that Zumba was going to be a new challenge for me which combines everything I have practiced for my whole life.

Zumba® is passion which combines elements from fitness classes  and dance. It´s the perfect formula to make me feel happy every day and it is also the reason for giving the best of me in every class.

Zumba® uses dancing steps and muscular training to create an interesting workout. The basis of all  Zumba® classes are Latin American Rhythms which transmit all passion, motivation and energy needed in order to enhance posture and increase endurance.

What does Zumba® mean to me? I was born to dance! I identify with Zumba®. It makes me feel happy. It is passion. It is the energy created in my body and which I want to transfer in my classes.

Zumba® changed my life the same way it will change the life of many other people… I don´t believe Zumba® will ever be out of fashion. Zumba® will never die!!!